To the Editor:

Regarding the controversy over censorship efforts by an extremist minority in our community, we feel it is important to support the inclusion of LGBTQ works in the Philomath school libraries.

Both of our children have attended Philomath schools from kindergarten to high school and we have never felt that any of the works in the libraries were a malevolent influence on their lives.

We are proud that our taxes fund such a fine school district. We urge the community to resist political pressure from interest groups cynically ginning up controversy to push an extremist political agenda.

Censorship has no place in our community, especially given the fact that Philomath literally means “a lover of learning.”

Felice Luftschein and Nicholas Carter

One reply on “Letter: Censorship has no place in our community”

  1. Felice and Nicholas, some questions regarding this:
    1. Does all separation of material to fit within generally accepted age-appropriate categories equate to censorship?   If, no, then why is this instance different?  If, yes, then would you allow any and all material to be available to all age groups, in school?
    2. Should any and all LGBT-themed material be available to all age groups?  If, no, does that equal censorship?    If, yes, does that include even very graphic material?  If you would exclude some graphic material, would you consider that censorship?  Why or why not?

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