To the Editor:

The 20th anniversary of Terry Selby’s death is approaching. Terry loved this community and the students he taught. I wanted to thank the community for their support over these last 20 years.

Thank you for the cards, letters, smiles, waves and best of all the hugs. I have experienced kindness everywhere. I just read “pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

When I am asked how I can continue to smile and find joy, it is an easy answer. I have had the help of wonderful friends and the community. I would have suffered without all of you.  Thank you.

Janet Selby

One reply on “Letter: As 20th anniversary of Terry Selby’s death approaches, wife expresses thanks to Philomath community”

  1. This letter of appreciation from Janet was a true blessing to all who know her, and to those that don’t know her but have touched her life just by showing kindness. Let this letter be a reminder to all of us of the importance of showing thoughtfulness to others, because we don’t know the situation that they may be dealing with.
    Peggy Yoder

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