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To the Editor:

Philomath Community Gleaners would like to thank the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians for its generous grant of $2,000 to our group to buy food in November 2021. We are using this money to buy food from Linn-Benton Food Share and other sources for very low prices.

Philomath Gleaners requires able-bodied members to volunteer time for the group’s operations. Elderly and disabled members are considered adoptees and are not required to volunteer. We currently have 287 members, consisting of 55 gleaner families and 53 adoptee families (adoptees are elderly or disabled), including 96 children under 18.

Last month, our members put in 903 hours of volunteer time and drove 1,967 miles. Philomath Gleaners does so much locally to help low-income residents stretch their money and feed their families, in a way that helps others in need as well as themselves.

The Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund has been an enormous part of this effort and their help is hugely appreciated.

Ann Morgan
Treasurer, Philomath Community Gleaners