In 2022, the continental United States experienced its third hottest July since 1895, according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, while 20 states saw one of their 10 hottest days in the same month. The year prior, July marked the hottest month on record worldwide.

Climate change is driving rising temperatures and more record heat. The Earth’s temperature has climbed each decade since 1880 by about .14 degrees Fahrenheit, or roughly 2 degrees Fahrenheit total.

Stacker compiled a ranking of the hottest months in Benton County since 1895 using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information. Rankings are based on the highest average temperature in each month. For each of the hottest months listed below, we’ve included the average county temperature, county-wide highs and lows for the month, and the total precipitation.

#10. August 2021
– Average temperature: 69.2°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 84.3°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.0°F
– Total precipitation: 0.03″

#9. July 2018
– Average temperature: 69.4°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 85.8°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 52.9°F
– Total precipitation: 0.01″

#8. July 2021
– Average temperature: 69.5°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 85.7°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 53.3°F
– Total precipitation: 0.00″

#7. July 1958
– Average temperature: 69.6°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 85.2°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.1°F
– Total precipitation: 0.02″

#6. August 2022
– Average temperature: 69.8°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 85.0°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.7°F
– Total precipitation: 0.09″

#5. July 2014
– Average temperature: 70.0°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 85.3°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.6°F
– Total precipitation: 0.67″

#3. July 2015 (tie)
– Average temperature: 70.2°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 86.0°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.5°F
– Total precipitation: 0.02″

#3. August 2014 (tie)
– Average temperature: 70.2°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 85.8°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.6°F
– Total precipitation: 0.12″

#2. August 1967
– Average temperature: 70.5°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 88.2°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 52.8°F
– Total precipitation: 0.00″

#1. August 2017
– Average temperature: 71.3°F
– Monthly average high temperature: 87.8°F
– Monthly average low temperature: 54.8°F
– Total precipitation: 0.17″


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