The Philomath City Council will consider approval of a resolution authorizing the city to apply for an Oregon Parks and Recreation grant that will go toward the cost of planning for a rebuild of Philomath City Park’s skate park.

Philomath Skate Park
Philomath Skate Park (File photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

The action skate park project, which has been pushed by a local group for several months, was identified by the city as a high priority project. Costs related to planning include the hiring of consultants to work with city staff and volunteers, citizens and organizations to develop a site-specific plan.

If the city receives the grant, matching funds to fulfill its share of the obligation are available, a draft of the resolution states.

The current skate park opened during the summer of 2000 and since its earliest days has been criticized for a design characterized as not being “user friendly.”

The council is also expected to vote on an ordinance amending city code related to tobacco retail licensing based on an update of state standards. Philomath contracts with Benton County to administer the city’s tobacco retail licensing program and enforcement.

Other items on the agenda include a request for support of a rural economic alliance program and liquor license renewals.

The meeting also sets aside time for reports from councilors and staff.