Head-and-shoulders photo of Don Wackerly
Don Wackerly (Photo by Western Pulp Products Co.)

Western Pulp Products announced the recent appointment of Don Wackerly as sales and marketing manager. Based in the company’s Corvallis headquarters. Wackerly started working in the position on Dec. 8.

Wackerly is directing sales and marketing of Western’s made-from-recycled paper, Vintner’s Choice wine and D2C fulfillments shippers, protective innerpack products, nursery and greenhouse containers, and maché floral containers, according to a press release.

Wackerly brings over 25 years of business experience with various beverage alcohol distributors and suppliers, most recently as the vice president of sales of Small World Wine Co., in Philomath.

Wackerly was born and raised in Ohio and has a bachelor of science degree from the University of Toledo, and a master of business administration in marketing, from Oregon State University.

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