Marys River
The southern sections of Philomath have flooded various times in past years with the Marys River running through. (Photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

Longtime Philomath residents can probably recall various floods from past years. During my time covering the news here, I’ve heard more than a few stories about some of the damage that’s been done.

Those thoughts surfaced a few days ago while periodically checking the Marys River levels. The river did reach flood stage earlier in the week and may again here in the next couple of days.

What about those floods of the past? Do you have particular memories of one? January 2012, November 2016, January 1974, Christmas Day 1980, or maybe even clear back to Dec. 22, 1964.

Flood waters impacted Philomath a great deal 56 years ago when several families living along the Marys River had to be evacuated through waist-deep water, the Salem Statesman Journal reported. 

Major roads around town had to be closed, the Philomath High-Central Linn basketball game had to be postponed and Christmas parties scheduled for Kings Valley, Blodgett and Summit were called off.

Typhoid shots were recommended for those who had come in contact with possibly-contaminated flood waters — especially those using water from springs or wells. The shots were given at Philomath Junior-Senior High School and based on news reports, 250 people received them on Dec. 29.

Philomath’s flooding was even mentioned in a United Press International story that was published in newspapers like the Los Angeles Times and Detroit Free Press. In other words, daily life took a little bit of a break thanks to the flooding.

Just one example from Philomath’s past — there are more than a few of those flooding stories through the years. Hopefully, we steer clear of any major issues this year.

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