GED testing artwork
Philomath Academy is now an official GED testing site. (Photo by Getty Images)

(Editor’s note: The previous version of this story included inaccurate information about the scope of the GED testing center at Philomath Academy. To begin, the center will be private with hopes to expand to the community in the future. The News regrets the error).

Philomath High students who opt for a General Educational Development diploma can take the test through Philomath Academy.

During last month’s school board meeting, Philomath Academy Principal Dan Johnson said that the school had been accepted as a GED-approved testing site. Johnson said some testing sites had closed down for reasons related to the pandemic.

“The closest testing site right now for our students would either be Chemeketa or U-of-O,” Johnson told the school board on Nov. 16. “So now we have the opportunity to be a testing site … we’re bringing in the materials and we’ll finish all of the systems checks that are required.”

The GED Testing Service contracts with Pearson VUE as its technology partner. With certification, Philomath Academy has access to various tools and resources to manage the testing site.

This news is welcomed for students seeking opportunities to earn a GED. Some fall behind in credits to make it difficult to earn a standard high school diploma. Others may have had problems with attendance or working in a classroom environment.

Johnson was pleased to see the GED certification come through and on the day that he received the news, “I was doing my little happy dance on the way out of the school.”

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