The Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce office at Timber Towne
The Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce office at Timber Towne (File photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

The Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce wants to hear about individuals “who enhance and enrich the livability of our community through volunteer work” to be recognized during this year’s Samaritan Awards.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 16, in the Philomath High School auditorium. Last week, the chamber’s Samaritan Awards Committee distributed an email soliciting nominations.

The deadline to submit nominations has been set for Jan. 21.

“The Philomath Samaritan Awards is rapidly approaching and we would like to invite your organization to participate in this special event,” the committee wrote. “We are providing this forum for you to publicly recognize a volunteer who has been an outstanding contributor to your organization over the last year.”

For more information or to receive a “volunteer recognition form,” contact Lisa Watkins, the chamber’s interim director, at 541-929-2454 or

The Samaritan Awards feature three classifications — volunteer recognition, First Citizen awards and business-nonprofit awards:

• Volunteer recognition and business/nonprofit awards — The committee asks organizations or businesses to submit one volunteer that they would like to recognize for their service. 

• First Citizen awards — The committee will review nominations and select a recipient for each category based on individual criteria. The awards are made up of four separate categories based on age — Senior First Citizen, First Citizen, Junior First Citizen and Future First Citizen Awards.

The Feb. 16 program will include desserts and beverages.