Boy Scouts from Philomath's Troop 161 completed the entire length of the C2C Trail, which was among the accomplishments recognized at Wednesday night's Court of Honor ceremony. (Photo provided by Kerri Dowless)

Philomath-based Boy Scout Troop 161 recognized its accomplishments during a Wednesday evening Court of Honor ceremony at the Philomath Youth Activities Club.

Scouts received merit badges, special awards, service pins and rank advancements at the event.

“Perhaps one of the most significant things the boys accomplished this last year was that they completed hiking the entire Corvallis-to-the-Sea (C2C) Trail,” Scoutmaster Tom Klipfel said. “They started in downtown Corvallis and over the course of about six months — taking three 10-mile hikes, one 15-mile hike and one 20-mile hike — they ended up at Ona Beach, completing every mile of the trail.”

Troop 161 scouts who completed the C2C Trail hikes included Liam Bennett (not pictured), Tanner Dowless, Mike Novak, Zack Novak and Thomas Smith. Pictured here with the boys (far left) are Carl Dowless and David Novak — troop leaders who also completed the hikes with the scouts — and C2C board members Gary Chapman and Bob Rogowski. (Photo provided by Tom Klipfel)

For the accomplishment, the scouts earned a hiking merit badge, which requires the number and length of hikes that were part of the C2C experience.

C2C board president Gary Chapman and vice president Bob Rogowski attended the Court of Honor event and presented the boys with official patches for completing the entire length of the trail. Scouts who qualified for those included Liam Bennett, Tanner Dowless, Mike Novak, Zack Novak and Thomas Smith. Troop leaders Carl Dowless and David Novak also completed the hikes.

Scouts earning rank advancement included Zack Novak (eagle), Dowless (life), Mike Novak (first class) and Justin Rogers (second class). A separate event for Zack Novak’s Eagle Scout accomplishment will occur within the next few months.

Those earning services pins were Zack Novak (seven year); Dowless, Smith and Owen Thomas (five year); Mike Novak and Rogers (four year); Liam Bennett (three year) and Evan Bennett and Evan Dearmon (one year).

Along with the C2C group, other special awards were presented.

The Camp Gorsuch Honor Troop included Evan Bennett, Liam Bennett, Dearmon, Dowless, Mike Novak, Zack Novak, Rogers, Smith and Thomas.

Camporee awards included overall first place for lashings, knots, scout knowledge, fire building, carpet challenge, signaling and camping; second place for uniforms; and third place for blind tent and regatta.

Several merit badges were also awarded as follows:

• Evan Bennett — First aid, leatherwork, rifle shooting.

• Liam Bennett — Environmental science, first aid, hiking, search and rescue, wilderness survival.

• Dearmon — Archery, fish and wildlife management, leatherwork.

• Dowless — Archery, communication, family life, geology, hiking, mining in society, pulp and paper, textile, welding.

• Mike Novak — Archery, camping, geocaching, geology, hiking, mining in society, search and rescue.

• Zack Novak — Camping, citizenship in the nation, cooking, family life, geocaching, geology, hiking, lifesaving, mining in society, personal fitness, personal management, search and rescue.

• Rogers — Archery, geology, mining in society, pulp and paper, textile, welding.

• Smith — Archery, citizenship in the nation, geology, hiking, mining in society, pulp and paper, textile, welding.

• Thomas — Archery, cooking, personal management, pulp and paper, search and rescue, textile, wilderness survival.