Kiley and Aaron Alston
Aaron and Kiley Alston, seen here in their work space at The Refuge church in Philomath, own King’s Glory Productions, a marketing through videography service. (Photo by Brad Fuqua/Philomath News)

Aaron and Kiley Alston love to capture and share stories about the world becoming a better place. Add their passion for cameras and videography and the result has been a new business that’s off to a promising start.

“King’s Glory Productions can do just about anything but I think the heart of it is to further the mission of organizations or businesses that are doing a lot of good in the community,” Kiley Alston said.

The new business owners believe video can be an effective storytelling tool.

“King’s Glory Productions is unique in that a lot of organizations and businesses are looking to strengthen their online platform and one of the best ways to do that is through video,” Kiley said, “and so they are looking for quality video production at reasonable costs and that’s why we exist.”

King’s Glory Productions registered as a business this past July with a mission that can be found in its name.

“The heart of it was, how cool would it be if we could partner with these people and help them do the storytelling?” said Aaron, who is a youth and worship pastor at The Refuge, a Philomath church located at 1947 College St. “That’s what we love doing — good storytelling — so we want to capture with excellence and accuracy what it is people are doing to help the community and really show that off and through that, bring the King glory, bring God glory.”

The Alstons, by the way, welcome clients beyond those with religious ties.

“We are Christians and that’s our heart — to work with Christian organizations, but we don’t limit ourselves to just working with Christian organizations,” he said.

The seed for such a business was planted years earlier through their interests in photography. 

“Kiley from age 16 started a photography business and when I met her, she kind of showed me the ropes on photography and we’ve shot several weddings together, portrait sessions,” Aaron said. “That’s kind of where the passion for working with cameras and stuff really started.”

The photography business slowed down a bit once Kiley started working for Love INC and after the couple’s daughter was born. But then Aaron’s ministry work at the church led to videography.

“It started out as just making these fun little videos with our youth group actually here at The Refuge and that’s where my passion for videography kind of started,” Aaron said. “It started out as something fun and it turned into something, ‘hey, I really enjoy doing this’ and we could do some good with this and show the stories that matter and what people are doing in this community.”

Aaron works a lot from home but said The Refuge also allows him to use space for filming and editing.

Love INC of Benton County serves as the primary client for King’s Glory Productions.

“Right now we are just helping them make videos that help get their message out for different ministries they have going on, for upcoming events, so just kind of assisting them in whatever they need,” Aaron said.

The Alstons have a strong connection to the nonprofit organization — its full name is Love in the Name of Christ of Benton County — with Kiley serving in the role of development manager.

“It’s a nonprofit ministry that mobilizes local churches to meet needs in the community,” Kiley said, adding that those requests are met through what are called gap ministries, which are housed at various churches. “So somebody will call in to our call center and request a need and we will refer them to one of our gap ministries that supply a tangible need like a bike or linens or preschool clothing, maternity clothing, hygiene items, medical equipment, whatever, and it’s all free of charge.”

King’s Glory Productions is currently working on a comprehensive project that will be showcased at an upcoming fundraising event.

“He’s making right now a large video where we interview a bunch of volunteers, pastors, staff members and clients from Love INC and he’s going to make a compilation that will be played at our fundraiser this summer,” Kiley said.

Aaron said a lot of thought went into launching the business during a pandemic when potential clients might have strained budgets.

“This was a conversation that I had with a lot of my family members — do you feel like this would be a wise time to step out and invest in some of this equipment with all of the craziness going on and that we have no idea what the future looks like?” Aaron said. “We really spent a lot of time just praying about it and just seeking God if this is the right time to be moving forward.”

But he said they found peace in the decision and decided to go forward. Besides, the entry point financially was fairly low with a lot of equipment already owned and there was no risk to the family’s personal budget.

“We decided, while we’re going to start, we’re not necessarily going to take so big of a risk that if it falls apart, we won’t be able to provide for our family or anything like that,” Aaron said. “But we decided we wanted to start and see what happens with it.”

One benefit, he said, is that King’s Glory Productions isn’t necessarily his main focus right now.

“It’s kind of complimenting my other focuses, which is ministering here with The Refuge and is also compliment’s Kiley’s work with Love INC,” he said. “But it’s been really cool to watch that we have had success and favor in this … we’ve been blessed tremendously.”

Aaron believes there is the potential for success down the road for the marketing videography business.

“It seems like we haven’t had to really try to push for work and pull for work; it has just been coming around and it seems like people have been enjoying what we’ve been doing,” he said.

Phone: 541-224-2483

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