Plowing PCS lot
ED Hughes Excavating helped its neighbors during the late December snowfall by plowing the lot. (Photo provided by Kate Sundstrom, Philomath Community Services)

For folks visiting Philomath Community Services, the driving experience had become a bit challenging, especially on the exit road from the parking lot. The roadway’s surface was anything but smooth with countless potholes among its features.

But that’s in the past.

Kate Sundstrom, the executive director at Philomath Community Services, said ED Hughes Excavating graveled and graded South Ninth Street from the PCS parking lot on Jan. 24.

Harriet Hughes said she believes citizens should do more for their community and stepped up to fund the project.

ED Hughes Excavating working on road
Harriet Hughes funded a recent project for the graveling and grading of South Ninth Street from the PCS parking lot. (Photo provided by Kate Sundstrom, Philomath Community Services)

Sundstrom said she wanted to “thank Mrs. Hughes for initiating this project and coordinating with our neighbors, E. D. Hughes, in getting this much-needed job done.”

Sundstrom also mentioned how ED Hughes plowed the PCS parking lot back on Dec. 28 following significant snowfall. In fact, she believes nobody from her organization had even contacted ED Hughes to help clear the snow and that their neighbors took the initiative. As a result, Philomath Community Gleaners pushed through the elements to provide basic necessities to its members, she said.

ED Hughes Excavating has gone through ownership and management changes in the recent past but continues to operate out of its location on South Ninth next door to PCS. Look for a story on this Philomath business in the near future.

(Brad Fuqua is publisher/editor of the Philomath News. He can be reached at