Seven months ago, Kevin Ahern’s “Verses” made its debut in the Philomath News. Five to six times per week, these clever, rhythmic collections of words from the mind of the retired Oregon State science professor have been published in a section that you can find on the home page.

Kevin Ahern

For those who haven’t noticed them, check them out. Scroll down the home page to find the latest ones. Or, you can go to the Verses page on the site to read not only the latest, but all of his earlier contributions.

Ahern has made the rounds in the Corvallis area at various poetry events and he also authored a book entitled “Kevin Ahern’s 1001 Punniest Limericks.” Now, he’s ventured into cyberspace with a couple of new websites — one of those dedicated to his creative writing. features Ahern’s verses and his various other brands of writing. It’s a comprehensive collection with nearly 7,500 entries of things that he’s written over the past few years.

The Teehee Time website is a fun place to poke around and in his words, “The site is an adventure.” You can read random verses in various categories — limericks, lyrics science, lyrics non-science, silly and silly long. If you come across a verse that you really love, you can even purchase it as a large sticker.

Oh, and by the way, Ahern’s popular “Odd Farmer’s Almanac for 2023” has been published and he said it’s selling well. Click on the title in that previous sentence to buy it through Amazon.

Ahern, who retired from OSU in 2018, has a second website dedicated to his professional activities — he offers consultation services and lectures. You can find that at

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