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Recent Corvallis Advocate piece introduces you to Joe Napier and his family

For those who visited Philomath Farmers Market last summer, you might’ve noticed the Coast Range Quail Farm’s booth. Their featured products tended to revolve around quail eggs but there were also various other offerings from their backyard farm, including some very interesting-looking and large squash and a number of preserved products.

I remember having a conversation with the man who was running the stand on one of those Sunday afternoons — Joe Napier.

This is all coming back to me because our friends at the Corvallis Advocate did a write-up on Napier and his Coast Range Quail Farm in a recent edition. The piece by Grace Miller gives us some background on Napier (born in Summit, first date with his future wife was a Silver Falls hike, etc.) and how he got involved with our local market.

According to the story, Napier was having a chat with the market’s manager in April 2021.

“Before I knew it I was signed up for a booth,” he’s quoted as saying in the story. “The following Sunday we were all set up for our first market day. It was kind of a disaster. It was pouring down rain the whole time, I barely had any produce, and my family was cold and wet. But I had a blast!”

Soon thereafter, Napier came up with Coast Range Quail as the name of his farming outfit. It sounds like they’ll be back this coming summer.

“Next season will be a whole different beast,” Napier told the Advocate. “We are planting with an eye towards the market and have a better idea of what people are interested in. For produce, I’ve always gravitated towards unusual things that I can’t just run to the store and buy cheap.”

Anyway, interesting stuff. Give it a read.

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