Kirk St. Clair in bareback riding
Kirk St Clair of Blodgett finishes a successful ride on Irish Red in bareback riding during Saturday night's Philomath Frolic & Rodeo. St. Clair tied for first place with two other contestants. (Photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

This year, the bulls won and Annie stole the show.

The Philomath Frolic & Rodeo’s three nights of action in the arena concluded on Saturday with a capacity crowd watching cowboys and cowgirls compete against one another for pride and prize money. In the final event, bull riding, none of the contestants over three nights were able to stay aboard. In such cases, the stock contractor — B Bar D — takes the purse.

The bull riding did have an interesting finish, however, with Sam Gold getting three chances. On his first try, he stayed on “Grandma’s Precious” for roughly 5 seconds before hitting the arena dirt. Gold entered for a second ride — a rule implemented a few years back that allows more than one entry — and was again bucked off. But on this ride, there was a fault identified and he had the option of a re-ride. Gold got on a bull for a third time but couldn’t stay on.

The crowd most enjoyed “Annie,” a dog trained to round up bulls and get them headed in the right direction for exiting the arena.

The final rodeo got started with bareback riding with Clay Stone of Blackfoot, Idaho, sitting in the lead with a score of 82. In a thrilling finish, both Wyatt Wood of Prineville and Kirk St. Clair of Blodgett scored 82s to end up in a three-way tie for first place.

Annie Minor of Ellesburg, Washington, took first place in breakaway roping with a time of 2.8 seconds, which she accomplished at Friday night’s performance. (Photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

In novice bareback, the second-to-last rider, Kelton Maxfield of Nampa, Idaho, took the top prize with an 80 aboard Class Act.

Tie down roping saw a tie atop the leaderboard as well with Zane Taylor of Burns and Russell Cardoza of Terrebonne each finishing with 10-second performances. Six contestants challenged on the final night but nobody did better than a 13.3.

In breakaway roping, Annie Minor of Ellensburg, Washington, maintained her lead heading into the final performance with a time of 2.8 seconds. In fact, the top eight times survived with none of the Saturday challengers having any luck. The event drew 38 contestants with a total payoff of $4,750.

Ryan Verling of Stanfield took the saddle bronc title with a Saturday night ride that was good for 84 points. Verling, the second-to-last contestant, earned the score while riding Harvest Queen to knock down Hayden Hall of Pendleton and Mason Stuller of Veneta, who had been tied for first with scores of 82.

Annie waits for an opportunity to go after a bull. (Photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

In steer wrestling, Cord Gomes of Antelope easily won with a time of 5.7 seconds. Taylor, the Burns cowboy who won tie down roping, had a time of 21.0 seconds but still ended up with second place.

A pair of Monroe cowboys took first place in team roping with Spike McKay and Chris Westbrooks coming in with a time of 6.7 seconds. That edged the runners-up by one-tenth of a second. The total payoff for team roping came in at $6,840 with 24 team entries.

Mike Reed of Scappoose and Caseyn Pearson of Emmett, Idaho, finished in a tie for first in novice saddle bronc. Both had rides that were good for 65 points — both aboard B Bar D’s Bear Track.

There was one contestant in ranch bronc riding with Ryder Marsh of Powell Butte.

Ryan Verling had the winning ride in the saddle bronc competition with an 84 on Harvest Queen. (Photo by Logan Hannigan-Downs/Philomath News)

In barrel racing, Arlington’s Sammi Lane had a final-night performance of 17.51 seconds to take first place. Bailey Cline of Roseburg and McKenzie Huggler of Roy tied for second at 17.62 seconds in an event that attracted 38 entries and had a total payoff of $4,750.

In novice bull riding, Parker Buchanan of Powell Butte had a score of 80 aboard Lifter to take first place.

The rodeo’s attendance came in at more than 5,900 with the last two nights being sellouts.

Northwest Professional Rodeo Association
July 8-10 at Philomath Frolic & Rodeo


Bareback Riding

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
T-1. Clay StoneBlackfoot, IdahoUgly Betty82$534.38
T-1. Kirk St. ClairBlodgettIrish Red82$534.38
T-1. Wyatt WoodPrinevilleCinderella82$534.38
4. Cache HillBaker, MontanaRoan Ranger81$178.13
Entries: 9Payoff: $1,781.26

Novice Bareback Riding

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
1. Kelton MaxfieldNampa, IdahoClass Act80$228.00
T-2. Garrett BlackwellSandyShits & Giggles75$76.00
T-2. Hayden JamesEmmett, IdahoBarstool75$76.00
Entries: 5Payoff: $380

Saddle Bronc

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
1. Ryan VerlingStanfieldHarvest Queen84$640.54
T-2. Hayden HallPendletonGunslinger82$474.88
T-2. Mason StullerVenetaDiablo Polo82$474.88
4. Matt ShannonPrinevilleWidow Maker80$309.23
5. Mark O’DempseyPrinevilleDirty Money77$198.79
6. Noah JonesParma, IdahoDiablo Polo67$110.44
Entries: 15Payoff: $2,208.75

Novice Saddle Bronc

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
T-1. Mike ReedScappooseBear Track64$190.00
T-1. Caseyn PearsonEmmett, IdahoBear Track64$190.00
Entries: 5Payoff: $380.00

Bull Riding

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
No winner
Entries: 13Payoff: $2,066.25

Tie Down Roping

T-1. Zane TaylorBurns10.0$1,032.18
T-1. Russell CardozaTerrebonne10.0$1,032.18
T-3. Tim MessnerTerrebonne11.8$642.67
T-3. Ricky CantonNavasota, Texas11.8$642.67
5. Shane EricksonTerrebonne12.1$350.55
6. Cully StaffordPrineville12.4$194.75
Entries: 29Payoff: $3,895.00

Steer Wrestling

1. Cord GomesAntelope5.7$1,092.50
2. Zane TaylorBurns21.0$655.50
3. Travis ThompsonVancouver, Wash.21.8$437.00
Entries: 11Payoff: $2,185.0081$178.13

Team Roping

1. Spike McKay
Chris Westbrooks
2. Jerry Unruh
Shane Erickson
Eagle Point
3. Daniel Holland
Cody Barney
Klamath Falls
4. Randy Thompson
Natalie Thompson
5. Russell Cardoza
Jake Raley
Brush Prairie, Wash.
6. Dayton Stafford
Austin Stafford
Entries: 24Payoff: $6,840.00

Breakaway Roping

1. Annie MinorEllensburg, Wash.2.8$1,092.50
2. Bailey VanKollBrush Prairie, Wash.3.2$950.00
3. Lindsey TaylorBurns4.2$807.50
4. Courtney WoodMcArthur, Calif.4.3$665.00
5. Coleman CantonNavasota, Texas5.8$522.50
6. Sammy Jo CardozaTerrebonne6.0$380.00
7. Jennifer FrohmanYelm, Wash.11.9$237.50
8. Trisha McCoinTerrebonne12.3$95.00
Entries: 38Payoff: $4,750.00

Barrel Racing

1. Sammi LaneArlington17.51$1,092.50
T-2. Bailey ClineRoseburg17.62$878.75
T-2. MacKenzie HugglerRoy17.62$878.75
4. Sharon GowRoseburg17.73$665.00
5. Hannah BlockBend17.83$522.50
T-6. Chelsie StodghillPrineville17.91$308.75
T-6. Kimberly WilliamsNorth Powder17.91$308.75
8. Payton JohnsonAurora18.05$95.00
Entries: 38Payoff: $4,750.00

Ranch Bronc Riding

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
1. Ryder MarshPowell Butte$200.00
Entries: 1Payoff: $200.00

Novice Bull Riding

ContestantHometownStock NameScoreEarnings
1. Parker BuchananPowell ButteLifter80$745.00
2. Shane ScottRidgefield, Wash.Mello Yellow71$447.00
3. Shane ScottRidgefield, Wash.Smokey66$298.00
Entries: 18Payoff: $1,490.00