Philomath News Political Advertising Policy

Philomath News does not endorse candidates for political office. We do accept political advertising, as a business transaction, from all candidates for any office that represents our coverage area, and from all registered political committees and organizations supporting or opposing such candidates or ballot measures related to our coverage area.

We accept these not to express the views of Philomath News or to back any candidate or stance on any measure or issue, but simply to help underwrite the costs of reporting and publishing our journalism.

Political advertising must be paid in advance, at the customary and usual rates established by Philomath News. Discounts do not apply.

Ad placement on the news site is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Political ads are limited in size to Skyscraper (300×600 px), Medium Rectangle (300×250 px), Leaderboard (728×90 px) and Large Rectangle (728×242 px). Billboard ads, sponsored content and newsletter ads are not available. Political ads also do not receive a social media shout-out.

The Philomath News does not design political ads — that is the responsibility of the person or organization placing the ad.

Philomath News will place, at no charge, this disclaimer on or adjacent to all political advertising in most formats: “Philomath News does not endorse political candidates. See our policy on paid political advertising.”

Advertisers are solely responsible for complying with all applicable local, state and federal campaign finance and advertising laws and regulations, including ensuring required “paid for by” notices appear within the ads.

Philomath News will decline advertisements that it knows or believes to be misleading, inaccurate, factually unsupported, fraudulent or illegal. We reserve the right to ask for verification of any claims made in political advertising. We reserve the right to remove any messages that we deem are inflammatory, libelous or in bad taste. 

Philomath News will not add new political advertisements within five days of an election.

For more information, contact Brad Fuqua via email at