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I appreciate your kindness and willingness to help local news with your contribution. It helps me pay the bills to keep this thing going.

Your name will be added to the “Donor Wall” but if you would rather remain anonymous, please let me know via email.

If you have some swag coming your way, I’ll use the billing address when you paid. But if you want that to be sent to a different address, let me know. This is pretty much a one-person operation (although I can talk my wife into helping when she has time) so give me some time to get that out to you.

Those who contributed through the Supporter, Partner and Pillar plans have free digital photos. If you see any on the website that you want me to send you, let me know through email.

Finally, you should’ve received a receipt via email, but if you didn’t, just drop me a line.

Thanks again,

Brad Fuqua